Children love climbing but...

Bouldering is very safe by yourself. You climb up and fall down onto the crash pads safely. But when other climbers are climbing, you must be careful to avoid being landed on.

Experience tells us that children are not capable of taking care of themselves so we've had to create this age limit. Experience also tells us that some caregivers are not proactive enough to keep the child safe.

So, for now (see below), children must be secondary school age.

Children from 7yrs and up are welcome and can climb safely on the ropes at HangDog in Lower Hutt.

For now... Faultline is limited to Children attending Secondary School and up

But in the very near future...

We will having a training program in place that will allow children 10 and up to climb.

It will be a short lesson (maybe half an hour) for both the child and the minder. It will cover how to climb safely, how to behave in a safe manner, and how to be a socially responsible climber and minder.

The minder (and child) will then get a license that would enable the child to climb under supervision of that minder. If a different adult came next time, that adult would have to go through the training program.

Please check this website in a week or two for more information.

We've just opened in early March and are still developing our processes. Please bear with us.

Together will create a safe and strong next generation of climbers.