Getting Started At Faultline

Everything you need to know before your first visit

What is bouldering?

Bouldering has no ropes no hassle and endless freedom. Bouldering is the act of climbing a short route without ropes, its climbing made simple.

How does it work?

Boulder ‘problems’ are designed by our crack team of routesetters with a combination of climbing holds to create a 3D puzzle for your mind and body to solve!

Each problem has a set colour of holds for you to follow to the top of the wall, start and finish holds will be marked by coloured tags. It's up to you to figure out how to get to the finish.

Difficulty of problems will be dictated by the colour of the tag attached to start and finish holds.

Like a video game for your body

Climbing is so much more than just a way to get to the top of the wall. Everyone's climbing styles and strengths range wildly, its our mission to set problems for everyone. Whether you're tall, short, strong, flexible or springy there's a solution for you!

Faultline is the perfect space to work together with friends or other climbers to solve the problem and improve your climbing experience.

Is it hard?

Bouldering can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be.
We have problems for everyone ranging right from beginner to professional.

Our problems have a style to suit everyone - some focus on balance and finesse of movement, others focus on raw strength, some even focus on coordination and dynamic movement. However you love to move, there's something for you!

Age limit

Children love climbing. But unfortunately is unsafe to have children climbing in the same area as adults.

Please this page for more details.


Faultline climbing gym is a world class facility. With at least 100 boulders in the gym and with a section of them changed every week there will always something new to try. In addition to the climbing walls there is space for you to train, stretch and warm up and you’re welcome to use our selection of weights, pull up bars, climbing training tools and other body weight focused equipment at your leisure.

Faultline has bathrooms, showers, change rooms and lockers. Chalk, tape and other skin care items you may need are available to be purchased at the front desk.

Do I need anything?

We have any climbing gear you might need such as climbing shoes and Chalk available to hire. We recommend wearing clothes that don't restrict your movement. Skirts and dresses are not advised. Warm clothing in winter is cosy.


Every climber needs to sign a waiver before climbing. No legal jargon, we just want to make sure you're safe when climbing and everyone has a good time!

Still have questions?

No problem, see out Frequently asked questions page for more:

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